Where to Get Payday Loan Leads

Dec. 02 2019

In today’s market, it’s imperative to know the 5 W’s of Marketing. That’s right, the 5 W’s, not 5 P’s. These are:  Who is my target demographic? Why are they interested in products or services? When do they most seek out my products or services? Where do my products gain the most traffic? Online Ads? […]

History of Lead Generation

Dec. 02 2019

Where Was Lead Generation Born? Born during the beginning of the Renaissance, Marco Polo was one of the most prominent early European merchants and explorers to walk the trails of the Silk Road.  He even became a member of the court of famed Mongol ruler and founder of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan. That […]

Is your lead provider in regulatory danger?

Oct. 23 2019

In this industry, it’s vital to consider the history of your leads provider, and whether or not they are subject to regulatory enforcement actions, like an enforcement action or consent order. You might think that your service provider’s issues don’t affect you, but that’s not always the case. The truth is that consent orders often […]

Facebook is Removing Certain Filters (But We’re Not)

Oct. 23 2019

We wanted to bring some recent news to your attention because it could affect certain advertising campaigns across the lending industry. Earlier this year, Facebook agreed to change the way advertisers can use filters in industries like credit, lending, and housing. We wanted to make sure our partners are aware of this change. What Is […]

Best Ways to Generate Payday Loan Leads Infographic

Aug. 27 2019

If you’re looking to generate payday loan leads quickly and effectively, there are a number of different strategies you might consider trying. Online lending is an industry that continues to grow, as technology improves and more and more people start going online for their lending needs. In order to best position yourself for success in […]

How to Make Money with Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing?

Aug. 26 2019

As noted by Authority Hacker, merchants see an average of 23 percent of their revenues coming from affiliate marketing. And according to Inc., affiliate partnerships drive more than 20 percent of annual revenue for publishers. The bottom line is: Although Pay Per Click affiliate marketing is competitive, there is money to be made in it. […]