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Fintech, Mobile Banking and the Changing Dynamic Turning the Finance Industry on Its Head

Aug. 20 2017

Once upon a time, financial transactions took place in banks. Whether you wanted to open a savings account or invest in the stock market, the decisions were largely made in a facility with trained financial experts to help consumers manage their assets and investments. For customers, this meant that most interactions were face-to-face. You had a personal banker or a money...

How Emerging Financial Technology Can Combat Poverty

Aug. 03 2016

Although the United States is a wealthy nation, the gap between rich and poor Americans is ever-widening. Resources that are available to the wealthiest citizens are often woefully out-of-reach of the United States' poorest. Financial technology--commonly known as "Fintech"--has the potential to transform the lives of these lower-income Americans...

LenditUSA Has Grown as Online Lending Matures

Jul. 22 2016

The LenditUSA 2016 event was bigger this year than ever before. In just three years, the LenditUSA gathering of 375 industry professionals has blossomed into a global event with well over 3,500 in attendance. Labeled as a "must-attend" industry event, it’s safe to say that Lendit has solid footing in the online lending market...

Traditional Banking Losing Out to FinTech

Jul. 04 2016

Technology is changing the way we do everything. We shop online with Amazon and other internet vendors. We find vacation accommodations from alternative hosts online with Airbnb. We ride share with Lyft and Uber instead of using taxi services. Finally, technology is updating and changing the way we manage our finances. FinTech is in the category of businesses that uses...

Traditional Banks Getting a Run for Their Money from Nimble, Innovative Fintech Startups

Jun. 17 2016

The world continues to change and evolve to keep pace with emerging technologies across all sectors. Fintechs, or financial technology firms, have posed a threat to traditional banks for years, offering many banking and financial services in a more user-friendly and cost-effective way. From wealth management to lending and...

Why Fintech Lenders Are Snatching Up More Personal Loan Business

Jun. 06 2016

In the past months a new type of loan service has shown signs of rapid growth – Fintech loan shopping tools. At first glance, these new solutions sound simple enough; a way to browse for available loans via online portals. But the success of Fintech services is based on much more than just that, and the trends enabling that success are changing the personal finance market as a whole.