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How a Banner Ad Can Attract Attention

Jul. 19 2019

Some website designers dismiss banner advertisements as ineffective. They say that most Internet users do not even notice them, that they do not trust them, and they never click on them. As a result, some suggest, banner ads should never be used. Others go further and argue that webpage viewers never look at anything that […]

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Short-Term Personal Loans from a Consumer Point of View

Jul. 19 2019

Emergencies happen every day in life, from faulty car transmissions to medical injuries. In most cases, consumers will need instant access to cash to pay off these emergency items. When savings isn’t available, it’s possible to turn to a short-term personal loan lender for emergency cash. However, it’s important to note the key benefits and […]

5 Proven Tactics for Increasing Leads and Improving Your Loan Marketing Strategy

Jul. 19 2019

Loan marketers are working around the clock to devise fresh marketing strategies for the new year. Here, we’ll discuss a few tactics for not only getting more leads, but getting quality leads as well. These days, it’s not as simple to turn heads with a generic marketing hook. Instead, you’ll need to learn how to […]

The Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Jul. 19 2019

Everyone knows how popular mobile has become. In 2015, mobile surpassed desktop in terms of traffic. This trend is likely to continue. As a result of this development, you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. Optimizing Content for Mobile The importance of content for websites has already been discussed. A […]

Is your company phone number being marked as spam?

Jun. 24 2019

Because our industry involves dealing with customers’ finances, it’s absolutely critical to foster trust with customers. 

We want to bring to your attention something that’s been happening with some of our partners: having company phone numbers marked as “Spam.” If you attempt to call a customer, but the number shows up as “Spam” or something similar, the customer likely will not pick up the phone. This can negatively impact conversion rates and it will damage customer trust in your business.

Too Many Cooks?

Jun. 06 2019

At LeadsMarket, we pride ourselves on looking out for our lender-partners. This week we wanted to highlight the importance of limiting the number of “cooks” in your business “kitchen.”

It’s true there may be a benefit to outsourcing certain functions of a business–operations, HR, marketing, etc. It’s impossible to do everything oneself. But, by the same token, the more people that are involved in a business process, the greater the risk of unintended consequences.