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8 costly myths from other payday loan networks

Nov. 20 2018

At LeadsMarket, we know how to convert your leads into revenue. That’s why we don’t rely on tricks or false claims to get your business. We simply deliver results.

Why you NEED to care about manipulated data

Nov. 19 2018

As more data comes in during the final weeks of the year, we want to alert you to a potential pitfall that could seriously impact your business. We’ve heard that some of our lender partners may be seeing manipulated data from some of their other channels.

Circle Wins E-Money License, Partners With Barclay

Sep. 09 2017

The possibilities for publishers are multiplying. From click to call search ads to
online display ads, classified ads to other creative marketing methods it can
be challenging to figure out what tactic will generate the most conversions...

Exclusive Banking Financial Services Now Offered Through FinTech

Sep. 01 2017

Many Americans at the lower end of the economic ladder struggle with money management
issues. Numerous households live paycheck to paycheck, saving too little and
considering investment too late. The poor and minority groups are often subject
to debt traps, high-risk lending practices and redlining...

Fintech, Mobile Banking and the Changing Dynamic Turning the Finance Industry on Its Head

Aug. 20 2017

Once upon a time, financial transactions took place in banks. Whether you wanted
to open a savings account or invest in the stock market, the decisions were largely
made in a facility with trained financial experts to help consumers manage their
assets and investments. For customers, this meant that most interactions were
face-to-face. You had a personal banker or a money...

How Emerging Financial Technology Can Combat Poverty

Aug. 03 2016

Although the United States is a wealthy nation, the gap between rich and poor Americans
is ever-widening. Resources that are available to the wealthiest citizens are often woefully
out-of-reach of the United States' poorest. Financial technology--commonly known as
"Fintech"--has the potential to transform the lives of these lower-income Americans...