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20 Ways to Boost Online Lead Generation

Jul. 19 2019

Most tech-savvy people already know the basics of finding new leads online and don’t mind looking for them in familiar haunts. While there’s nothing wrong with these avenues, there are many other ways to create new leads, gain exposure for your brand, and improve awareness with less competition.

1. Engagement

Always consider your current clients and what they’re telling you. Ask them to share their stories on your social media channels.

2. Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to deliver a large amount of information compressed in an easy- and fun-to-read chart. Platforms such as Piktochart give you the ability to make them on demand. Given that sharing information is one of the best ways to deliver value, creating high-quality infographics can help considerably.

3. Add a Thank You CTA

If you offer downloads or a subscription, make sure you have a thank you page that also includes a good call to action. Most thank the customer but don’t go any further; have them share the news on social media or otherwise engage with the company.

4. Remarketing

Marketing is one thing, but remarketing is something few consider for lead generation. If you’ve had a product out for a long time, you might consider redesigning a new message to deliver, possibly for a new demographic, and promote it as if it were brand new. Whether it generates new leads depends on the strategy, but it can certainly gain renewed interest.

5. Gathering Data

Along with the previous point, gathering data permits you to target your message and note how they respond to it, allowing you to further refine the strategy over time.

6. Starting a Podcast

Like infographics, verbally sharing information is a good way to quickly deliver expertise and introduce yourself as an expert. To establish a podcast, you can upload your own audio files on social media.

7. Radio Guest

If you’re not interested in the legwork involved in your own radio show, then be someone else’s guest. You’ll gain exposure to new people and get to share something on your social media channels regardless.

8. Guest Writer

In a similar vein, bloggers are always looking for new expert content for their website. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience with your own words and a link back to your site.

9. Promote Clients

Are your clients also business people with their own products? Give some of those clients exposure to help increase your own leads; when you give someone else leads, their customers will get more of an idea of what you can offer.

10. Using Influencers

Similar to using social proof, using reliable influencers to spread the good word about your brand can be quite helpful. This doesn’t mean hiring someone to quickly write up positive reviews. Consider that in every industry there are people who have the utmost trust and respect and who tell the rest of us which others are worth talking about. When such a person is praising your brand, you’ll find your value and leads both skyrocket.

11. Volunteer as a Source for a Reporter

By using Help a Reporter Out, you’ll have an opportunity to share your knowledge with a radio show host, blogger or a reporter in need of experts for a segment. Having this kind of exposure can only greatly improve your brand’s reach.

12. LinkedIn Searches

If you already have a LinkedIn account completely filled out and have stretched your legs into a few groups, don’t think your job is done just yet — you can search for people who meet your criteria and save the parameters; LinkedIn will send you an update with any new people who have joined and meet the saved search. This is an excellent way to generate relevant leads, and so few people take advantage of it.

13. LinkedIn Publishing

Similarly, you can post to LinkedIn now that there is a publishing section. You can apply to post content and greatly expand your audience reach. Not only that, but you’ll almost instantly be seen as a true expert.

14. Display Studies and Reviews on Social Media

By sharing everything like awards, nominations or case studies involving your company, you’re showing that you’re a valued and experienced resource. Ultimately, the content doubles as proof of your marketing skills.

15. Other Social Media

While adding too much to your plate can be troublesome, there are other less-known social media platforms, such as Untappd for beer drinkers. This is a great way to look for platforms for certain targeted niches.

16. Alliance

Team up with another company to discuss industry issues. You’ll learn more about them, and they’ll learn about you; the conversations can be remarkable for generating leads.

17. Newsjacking

Every day, there’s some new viral news that everyone is chatting about. When you figure out something is hot news, jump on it and create conversations about it. If it’s a trending topic, you’re more likely to be found.

18. Combining Social Media with Email

If you have a newsletter sent to email subscribers, connect it with social media to expand your audience.

19. Online Open Call Events

Chances are you’ve held a video conference using Skype or Google+ Hangouts for convenient business use. You can take this a step forward by planning a general information event, made for viewers to drop in and out at will; not having to adhere to a specific schedule opens people up to the option of attending comfortably. By starting this conversation, you’ll gain trust and potentially new business.

20. Social Monitoring

While you don’t need to address every individual statement about your brand and business, it’s important to know the general feel on social media. If you know who is saying what, you’ll know what to say back.


Those who were following along may have noticed that the vast majority of these lead generation suggestions rely on sharing information with other people. This just goes hand in hand with the adage that leads generation works best with consistent information sharing.

How can you do this while increasing your exposure and saying the right things? Generating leads comes from being an active participant in the community and displaying the information you have as a result of your expertise. By engaging with your customers, you’re letting them know they can trust you, and they’ll be much more willing to talk about you and your business to their friends and family, who might, in turn, start talking to their friends and so on.


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