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3 Tips For The Slow Season

Apr. 24 2019

This time of year is often considered the “slow season” in the online lending industry. That’s why it’s even more important to take steps that can optimize your performance in the coming months, so you can continue to meet your goals for the year.

Here are a few tips for the slow season that you should keep in mind:

  1. Send your disposition data to LeadsMarket each week. This allows us to adjust your campaigns and get you better results. The more data we receive, the more we can tweak your campaigns to get the best traffic.
  2. Report issues as they happen. If you notice any irregularities, it’s in your best interest to address them swiftly, not just during the slow season but any time of year. If left unchecked, technical or compliance-related issues can negatively impact your conversion rate and potentially expose you to regulatory headaches.
  3. Trust LeadsMarket to provide high-quality traffic and volume even in the slow season. This time of year, you need quality volume more than ever. And because LeadsMarket has one of the largest networks in the industry, we can provide this volume more effectively.

It might be tempting during these next few months to take a step back, but the truth is it’s crucial to keep a close eye on things during this season. The bottom line is to be proactive. Send us your data and watch out for potential issues that could violate compliance or affect the consumer experience. Keep these points in mind, and you’ll be well positioned to take advantage of the months ahead.

And if you need any proof of the quality team working for you here at LeadsMarket, check out this feature in Vanguard Law magazine about our General Counsel and Director of Government Relations, Jason Romrell. Jason is a key reason why we have the best compliance department in the business, and he’s constantly on the front lines working on behalf of the online lending industry. (We just couldn’t resist a little humble-brag about his accomplishments.)


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