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Best Halloween Costumes for Publishers in 2021

Oct. 18 2021

Two years ago you may have been talking to your co-workers about what Halloween costume they would be wearing to the office. The administrative assistant passed around a sign-up sheet to anyone who wanted to contribute to the Halloween office party potluck. An office Halloween celebration was in the works! 

On Halloween, some of you showed up dressed in your Halloween best. Others took an easy route by wearing a witch hat or sports jersey. You all then posed for a group photo that you posted on the company’s social media accounts. It was a great day!

If you are a solopreneur like many publishers are, Halloween may have been just like any other day for you. You were not having video calls so no one saw you unless you had an in-person client meeting scheduled. Otherwise, there was no reason for you to get dressed in your Halloween best during the day, also unless perhaps you were headed to a Halloween party at your child’s school. 

To say times have changed is an understatement. Whether you’re a solopreneur or an employee who manages an affiliate program who is working in an office or remotely, you can still have Halloween dress up fun. 

Here are some ideas for what we believe may just be the best Halloween costumes of 2021 for publishers. They are bound to make an impression even in a remote workspace on video calls, and you will not have to worry about anyone else having the same costume as you. Enjoy!


To show off the high payouts you earn through an affiliate payday loan publisher program and one of everyone’s favorite commodities, dress up as money. A few ways to do so include:

  • Buying a top hat and hot gluing fake dollar bills to it then wrapping a green ribbon near the part where the opening is.
  • Wearing a money suit and bow tie (available on Amazon).
  • Getting a large burlap money bag and cutting holes in it to make a money bag shirt, or just getting a shirt that has dollar bills on it.

Revenue Share

To represent the revenue share payouts you get as an affiliate or to just show off your love of charts, create a revenue share mask. You will need thick cardboard or foam board, string (thicker is better), a hole puncher, scissors, and markers. Next, follow these steps:

  • Cut the board or foam into a circle – you could use a bowl you have around the house to trace the circle.
  • Draw three different sections to represent the three sections of a typical pie chart. They do not all have to be equal sizes, even though you will want the biggest piece of the pie in your bank account!
  • Using your markers, color each section a different color.
  • Cut out holes for your eyes and mouth.
  • Using the hole puncher, cut one small hole on each side where your ears will go.
  • Measure your head and tie the string in the holes. 

This do-it-yourself affiliate costume will not be the most glamorous but it sure will be creative! 


Dressing up as traffic represents a step of how our payday loan program works that helps you earn payouts: sending traffic to our websites. Traffic costumes can be represented as:

  • A traffic light
  • A construction cone
  • A do-it-yourself stop sign

Warren Buffet

As an employee, you would not raise speculations with your employer that you may leave their company to become an entrepreneur when you are dressed as Warren Buffet. As a solopreneur, you would be showing your admiration for one of the most successful chief operating officers of all time. To dress like Warren Buffet you will need:

  • A black, grey, or navy suit – preferably a black suit.
  • A white dress shirt to go under the suit.
  • A matching tie, preferably a red tie if you will be matching Buffet’s famous black suit with red tie. 
  • A grey wig.
  • Black squared glasses that can be found at a dollar store. 


A mouse costume can represent a computer mouse in the case of clicking: pay-per-clicks. In case you are not familiar with it, our pay-per-click offer is available to publishers who generate personal and short-term loan leads. Mouse costumes are typically available at any Halloween store or online. Creating your own can be fairly simple too. You can show the illusion of being a mouse by wearing a grey sweatshirt with mouse ears.
If you decide to go with any of these ideas, we would love to see how they turned out. Send us a picture on our Facebook or Twitter pages. If we missed any, we would also like to hear your suggestions. What other creative ways can you dress like an affiliate?


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