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Best Ways to Generate Payday Loan Leads Infographic

Aug. 27 2019

If you’re looking to generate payday loan leads quickly and effectively, there are a number of different strategies you might consider trying. Online lending is an industry that continues to grow, as technology improves and more and more people start going online for their lending needs. In order to best position yourself for success in this industry, generating payday loan leads is essential. But what is the best way to go about it? Well, it depends on what your exact goals and situation are. Here are some of the best ways to generate payday loan leads.

We prepared this infographic for you to illustrate the best ways to generate payday loan leads in the US.


These days, there are multiple different ways to generate payday loan leads online. Some methods may require more time or money than others, so determining the absolute best way to generate payday loan leads might depend on your specific business.

For example, if you’re looking to generate payday loan leads organically and you don’t want to spend very much money, social media could be a great place to start. Making posts on social media does not require any cash, unless you pay to boost them, and if you have an audience you can start to convert that traffic into leads.

Another effective strategy for generating payday loan leads online is through SEO (search engine optimization). SEO involves creating online content that ranks highly in terms of search results, which can improve trust in your brand and bring more leads to your business. This can also be fairly cost-effective, especially if you do it yourself, but it can take time to build SEO properly. If you have the budget, it might be wise to enlist an SEO expert to help.

Other online methods for generating payday loan leads include:

  • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • And push notifications 

Depending on your ideal target demographic, these strategies can be a great way to connect with potential customers and generate leads.

Of course, purchasing payday loan leads from a lead provider such as LeadsMarket might be the easiest way to get these leads. LeadsMarket has one of the biggest networks in the industry, and they have been in business for years, with a reputation that speaks for itself. If you do decide to purchase leads from a lead network, be sure to trust an established name like LeadsMarket.

Traditional Methods

Believe it or not, the internet isn’t the only place to generate quality payday loan leads. Although it is often easier and more cost-effective to get payday loan leads online, there are certain more traditional avenues that can still yield good results if the situation is right. 

Some traditional methods for generating payday loan leads include:

  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Cold-calling over the telephone
  • And SMS marketing

Each of these strategies comes with its own risks and benefits, so it’s important to consider each one carefully before deciding if it’s right for your business.

You could also try sponsoring certain events like conferences and trade shows that might bring more foot traffic to your business. One of the downsides of traditional lead generation techniques is that they can be harder to track than online methods. But with the right team and tools in place, you can even generate payday loan leads the old-fashioned way, through word-of-mouth and referrals.

Now you know a few different ways to potentially generate payday loan leads. Whether you are on the lending side of the industry or an affiliate marketing publisher, lead generation is an important tool. Choosing the right lead generation strategies can make the difference between successful companies and failed ones in this business. Keep these facts in mind, and you can confidently make the best lead generation moves for your business.


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