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Is your company phone number being marked as spam?

Jun. 24 2019

Because our industry involves dealing with customers’ finances, it’s absolutely critical to foster trust with customers.

We want to bring to your attention something that’s been happening with some of our partners: having company phone numbers marked as “Spam.” If you attempt to call a customer, but the number shows up as “Spam” or something similar, the customer likely will not pick up the phone. This can negatively impact conversion rates and it will damage customer trust in your business.

You should take steps to verify whether or not your call-out numbers are being marked as “Spam” by major carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. T-Mobile recommends using to run a check on your company’s phone numbers, so you can verify which numbers, if any, have been placed on carriers’ blacklists.

You can register for free on From there, you’ll be able to submit a bulk list of phone numbers you want to make sure are properly identified. Not only does tell you which numbers are listed as “Spam,” but they can also verify your phone numbers to get them taken off such lists.

To be clear, we are not endorsing or receiving any compensation from them. We simply suggest that you evaluate this service for yourself as a possible tool. And remember to always understand terms of use and privacy policies before using any service like this.

With that said, we encourage you to make this simple check. Whether you decide to use or look into other options, these services could improve your conversion rates and decrease the likelihood of customer complaints.


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