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Keys to Success in 2021

Feb. 10 2021

As we enter the Pandemic’s first anniversary, we asked our Lender Team to reflect on what was essential to lenders’ survival over the past year and what will lead to success in 2021. 

Here are the four core tenets they came up with:

#1 Collaboration

The spirit of collaboration and research with our partners has led to better optimization and steady lender growth. The Pandemic was a stark reminder that we’re all in this together and must problem-solve together. This led to innovations in managing traffic and made us find new, more profitable channels for unique traffic. By working with the best online marketers and generating our Radio and TV channels, we have more traffic unique to LeadsMarket than ever before. Our internal traffic is now hugely important to our lenders and us. LeadsMarket ranked in the top 10 Radio advertisers in key US states along with Discover and Bank of America! LeadsMarket doesn’t just aggregate the best publisher traffic. We generate approximately 55% of our unique internal traffic every day, driving higher profits for you.

#2 Openness

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky strategy, especially during a pandemic. Reducing risk comes from being open to the market, new ideas, new traffic sources, and innovating. We believe that competition in the lead gen space is healthy; it keeps us on our toes and provides you with the best traffic at competitive rates. As an OLA member, we’re committed to the highest standards. There are no shortcuts to success and no “backchannel deals” to the best traffic—just smart marketing and dogged optimization! Many thought the pandemic would lead to ping-tree bids plummeting and FPD’s skyrocketing; thankfully, we saw the opposite. Throughout the pandemic, we saw steady traffic coming through our forms, with lenders focused on the best sources. We welcomed new ideas and found many innovative campaigns and ways of working with our lenders. In summary, more baskets equal to a better, steadier lead supply!

#3 Regulatory Compliance

As important as it is to make a profit, it’s also essential to protect our partners from unnecessary legal risk. Our compliance team continues to make LeadsMarket the safest lead generator to do business with, period.

#4 Endurance

Staying the course and enduring with these fundamental principles in mind is key. We are proud to have a dedicated team who tenaciously meet their goals to help you be profitable and grow your customer base. We are part of your team, and we continue to be committed to your success

With collaboration, openness, a focus on regulatory compliance, and endurance, we will continue to be your first and best choice for leads in this highly regulated consumer lending industry.


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