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Making Big Money by Promoting Auto Loans

Jul. 19 2019

Auto loans have long been a lucrative business. Like with homeownership, having an auto loan creates collateral that the loan company can use in case the loan goes into default. This makes an auto loan one of the most widely available loans to people of all credit types. Now, it’s possible to get in on the action by becoming a publisher who markets these loans to visitors via a website.

Publisher marketing offers a great way to boost your passive income. Your website is available 24 hours a day, which makes it an ideal vehicle for making money while you sleep. Online consumers are using the internet to research all major decisions, and by advertising, to your visitors, you can bring in some extra cash. Auto loans are advertised everywhere, but most people end up looking to the Internet for information before they purchase their next vehicle.

Create Unique Niche Keywords

One of the most important things about publisher marketing is how you use keywords. Choosing your keywords carefully can help you cut through your competition and get to the top of search engine results. You want to get the right keywords to bring in the right customers, promote your offers, and bring in new customers using major search engines. Some of the most important keywords are listed below:

  • Car loans
  • Loan approval
  • Car loan rates
  • Vehicle loans
  • Bad credit auto loans
  • Auto loan calculator

Take these keywords and try to make them specific to your unique offers. For example, if you’re advertising an auto loan for a 2016 Kia Rio, use the keyword “2016 Kia Car Loans” on your website. It’s specific enough to get the customers you want, and it’s only four words. Keyword phrases should be a maximum of three to four words.

Fulfill a Desire or Want

It’s a good idea to conduct research on the top trending keywords for the auto loan industry. If there are recalls in the news, take advantage of that by writing news articles detailing the recalls. Readers are looking for information that they can get online, but they also want to know about any services offered. Serious car buyers are looking to calculate interest rates, learn about loan programs, and get reassured that they can get a loan even with bad credit.

Create useful and inspiring content that prompts your readers to take action. Someone who has bad credit is going to be less likely to attempt a car loan if they feel they have no chance to get one. Write articles and tutorials on the average statistics for bad credit auto loan approvals, and give them some tips for how to avoid getting declines. Make your website a one-stop shop for auto loan tools, and you’ll find your website will perform better and result in more conversions.

Put the Focus on Sales Leads

The most common car title loan publisher programs operate on a pay-per-lead model. These models are highly effective in helping you to earn money because your visitor doesn’t actually have to get a car loan. Publishers earn money every time a potential customer is referred to the merchant site.

Effective lead generation will increase traffic to auto loan merchants. Generally, you need to get users to sign up for some promotion or offer. In some cases, you’ll need them to submit their information online for an auto loan. A good way to generate leads is by offering free auto loan quotes, payment calculations, information packets, and newsletters.

Most importantly, you must understand your audience to earn money online. When you take the time to find the right keywords and create high-quality content, your online business will start to grow and you’ll start to increase your lead generation.


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