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Pay Per Call Publisher Marketing Methods, Ideas, and Tips

Jul. 19 2019

What Pay-Per-Call Marketing methods can be used to generate phone leads?

With so many different ways to connect with consumers these days, it’s easy to overlook some of the options when it comes to pay-per-call marketing campaigns. There are more channels than ever before when you consider mobile apps, social media, and online messaging platforms. Depending on your business and the type of consumers you hope to connect with, there are a number of pay-per-call methods that might be worth considering.

Email to call

60% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. It is very easy to add a phone number to the email creative. All consumer needs to make a call from a mobile phone is click the phone number listed in the email. If you are currently sending emails promoting publisher offers, you can make extra money by selling phone calls. Adding a phone number adds credibility and studies show that both click-through rate and revenue from email campaigns increase by adding a phone number.

Click to call

About half of all mobile searches result in a phone call. Most mobile searchers use the click to call button to connect with a business directly from the search results page.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads both offer call extensions. If you want to see how many calls your Google Adwords or Bing Ads are generating, you can opt in to use their call tracking phone number.

Bing Ads extensions offer local area code phone numbers but Google Adwords does not. Local area code phone numbers get higher click to call rates than toll-free numbers.

In Google Adwords, you can set up multiple call conversions according to call length. You can also assign conversion values for each conversion to track your ROI. Some campaigns pay a flat rate for 60-second call and pay a bonus if a call lasts for 10 minutes.

Enhanced campaigns no longer have an option not to bid on desktop searches. But you still have an option of lowering your bids for desktop searches and increasing bids for mobile searches by up to 300%. This decreases the chances that your ad will show on desktop search and increase the probability that your ad will show for mobile search.

Some keywords perform better than others for pay per call offers. Some keywords signal a higher intend than others. For example keyword [Dallas DUI attorney] is more likely to generate a phone call to an attorney than keyword [DUI].

SMS to Call

Let’s review an example of a compliant SMS to Call promotional methods. Example 1: If a consumer sees a banner ad that says [Text “Save” to 98765 to learn more about saving on auto insurance]. After consumer sends a text message with the word “Save” to number 98765 consumer receives a text back that says “Call (866) 978-9181 to save money on car insurance. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”Example 2: Only if a consumer has already opted-in to receive promotional text messages from the publisher it is ok to send text messages that promote pay per call offers. A publisher should give subscribers an option to opt-out and follow TCPA rules when sending text messages.

Banner to call

There are many banner ad networks. Most ad networks will allow you to target mobile devices. Some ad networks will allow you to set up a banner to call campaigns that will allow consumers to make a call by clicking the banner ad.

Website to call

Add phone number to the header of the website. Adding phone number to the header adds credibility to the website and increases chances that people will see the phone number. Make sure that inside the HTML code you add phone number same way you would add a link plus tel:+1 before the phone number. Sample code 888-981-9098. By adding this code you will make it easier for mobile phone users to click the phone number listed on the website to make the call.

Hold to call

Instead of playing music while your callers are waiting on the phone you can play a brief commercial that will advertise an offer that is relevant to your callers. For example, people that are on hold with collections department can listen to a commercial about getting a loan to pay their bills. Example: While you are waiting for the next available representative consider this message from our partners: If you are employed you can qualify to get a short term loan. Call (888) 981-9098 to apply for a loan.

Radio to call

Even before the invention of the internet, companies have been generating phone calls from prospects from radio advertisement. Many radio stations will agree to get paid per inquiry which means per call. Creating radio commercials is very cheap. You can hire a script writer and voice talent for just $5 on Fiverr.

Online Radio to Call

Unlike conventional radio, some online radio companies have the ability to add click to call button to the ad. One of the most popular online radios that offers advertising opportunities is Pandora or iTunes radio via iAd.

TV to call

Direct response advertising has been around on TV for decades. Total many TV channels are willing to get paid per inquiry. Many pay per call offers are being promoted on TV screens nationwide. You might have seen generic TV commercials for tax defense or other services.

Flyer to call

Posters and flyers are a very effective form of marketing. When you park your car at a supermarket or another large parking lot

Yellow Pages to call

Even before the invention of the internet, companies have been generating phone calls from prospects from the Yellow Pages Listings. However, since the explosion of the internet and smartphones, the Yellow Pages have adapted and become more of an online business listing resource. Although the Yellow Pages print directories are still mailed out, today; their focus has rightfully switched to digital mediums. By advertising with the Yellow Pages, you are able to list both your business website and phone number for potential prospects to call in as leads. Remember, depending on the offer you run, you may want to consider Yellow Pages simply for their unique demographic. The demographics of users who still read the printed Yellow Pages directories are people with higher income who are roughly 45 years and older.

Pay Per View (PPV) to Call

Pay Per View or Cost Per View (CPV) advertising is a very good and quality source to pay for traffic. This is a good way to generate targeted pop-under traffic. There are many CPV ad networks, and some CPV ad networks will allow you to set up call campaigns that will allow consumers to make a call by clicking the pop-under. With most CPV Models, you pay for each impression. So why not make sure to include a clickable phone number to call within your advertisement, so that you double your chances of prospects taking an action on your ad.

WhatsApp to call

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, so it could be a potentially huge source of pay-per-call traffic. Recently, WhatsApp surpassed a billion users, and they also generate over 100 million voice calls every day. As more and more people flock to this app, businesses are starting to take note. Savvy marketers are creating WhatsApp profiles for their business, then asking users to add their account with a value proposition (such as a newsletter, tips or advice, etc.) Plus, Facebook (who owns WhatsApp) has introduced ads in their News Feed which open a chat in WhatsApp when clicked. This presents a great opportunity for marketers to engage with potential customers. Since WhatsApp is growing rapidly but still hasn’t peaked, now is a great time for marketers to take advantage of WhatsApp-to-call marketing.

WeChat to call

If your company does business with Chinese-speaking consumers, whether it’s in China or Chinese speakers abroad, WeChat is a platform to take notice of. Because people in China do not have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp, their preferred social media and messaging app is WeChat. WeChat has over 1 billion users, and one of the most interesting things about this app is the fact that it serves many different functions in the lives of its users. Although it began as a messaging app, now it is used for making video calls, online shopping, paying bills, and more. WeChat allows businesses to sign up and create accounts, which can be used to broadcast messages to followers or subscribers. With WeChat now able to conduct voice calls, this app is a booming potential new marketplace for marketers looking to run WeChat-to-call campaigns.

Viber to call

Viber is another messaging app with over a billion users that is popular in certain parts of the world, including Ukraine and Russia. In terms of voice calls, Viber allows users to make Viber-to-Viber calls at no cost, but they also allow low-cost calls to landlines or mobile numbers. This makes Viber another under-the-radar option for businesses looking to conduct Viber-to-call campaigns. Recently, Viber introduced native ads onto its platform. So businesses looking to advertise on Viber have a few different options. They could create a Viber platform and engage with consumers that way, or they can use a more traditional ad-based model. Either way, there are plenty of ways to monetize Viber for companies with savvy marketing strategies.

Skype to call

As one of the earliest and most popular video call apps, Skype still enjoys a high number of users and strong brand recognition. Not only does it offer consumers the option to make video calls, but Skype also provides voice call options. And now that Skype has banner ads within the platform, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to run Skype-to-call campaigns. Skype enjoys 300 million monthly active users, and the mobile app has been downloaded 1 billion times. With impressive numbers like these, it’s more than possible for companies to generate significant revenue from Skype to call.


The best pay-per-call method for your business depends on a variety of factors, including which countries you serve, the type of consumer that’s ideal for your business, and how much volume you’re looking for. But with so many different options to generate pay-per-call traffic, virtually any business can find a pay-per-call channel that works for them. Consider the options, do the necessary research, and hopefully, your business can use one or more of these methods to generate quality pay-per-call results.


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