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Promoting Payday Loans Without PPC Marketing

Jul. 19 2019

There seems to be offers galore and business models coming from all different sides to help you make money in internet marketing. These aren’t usually about a service or product. Instead, they are advising you on how to target your audience.

One of the most straightforward and most effective ways to do this has been pay per click marketing – or PPC for short. Despite the somewhat unclear stance of Google on these “make money”, “payday loans” or even “gambling” related offers, the company has been unable to turn away the large amount of money they can make through PPC.

When you’re looking at a results page on Google, the number of paid ads on the page can be astounding. While that may be surprising for the odd way Google handles them, the amount of money changing hands behind the scenes is more surprising.

Payday loans is a competitive, costly, yet rewarding industry. However, for publisher marketers for payday loans, PPC could be much too costly at the moment. This article will talk you through different ways to promote a payday loan that do not include pay per click advertising campaigns.

Ways to Promote Without PPC Marketing

When you’re looking up fast ways to get money via a search engine, you’ll probably sign up for one you find within the first three pages. While a PPC campaign is a good way to drive your leads to the top, there are other ways to do it.

One such way is to buy the media. No, this doesn’t mean bribing a local news station to wax rhapsodic about your particular offer. Instead, it means that you buy a place or two on websites, even if they don’t relate to the loan itself. Pop up ads and banner ads are the most common of the ads that are used via this method. Websites that have to do with education, finances, and maybe games are all good bets to get your ads to as many different people as possible.

Another way to promote without needing to use PPC is help sites. Ever seen a site for educators that advertises one product subliminally through the entire site? That’s what you can do, but with a payday loan instead of the next best chalkboard or whatever. This method allows you to create a site that will direct people to use your payday loan system or promote someone else’s through your publisher program. It works well since people take to the many sites on the internet every day for help obtaining money quickly. This also makes sure you get the best bang for each click by leading the right people to your deal.

A third way to look at advertising is email lists. Though costly, it’s highly efficient. Thousands of email marketing companies already have thousands of people signed up for this, that or the other. With a payment, your ad can be sent out as its own email. This option delivers one of the highest converting results the fastest. This is a good option for those who have the money, but not the time to build an ad campaign or website for their payday loan.

Is This the Right Market?

Not all businesses work in the same way, and not all the methods will translate well from one to another. A payday loan business is very serious. Not everyone agrees with the high interest rates and terms that they come with, but it’s growing quickly. There’s a lot of money going behind them, provided you know how to get the ads to the right people. Check it out if you want to learn more.


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