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The Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Jul. 19 2019

Everyone knows how popular mobile has become. In 2015, mobile surpassed desktop in terms of traffic. This trend is likely to continue. As a result of this development, you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile.

Optimizing Content for Mobile

The importance of content for websites has already been discussed. A plan of action is more important than a large amount of content. The approach is somewhat different on mobile devices. You need to factor in the size of the device and consumer behavior. Consumers want to read fast and move on to something else.

Images on Mobile Devices

The screen on a mobile device is significantly smaller than a desktop. It is hard to find important information on a small screen. It is also the reason many people leave mobile websites. Optimizing your website for mobile devices will attract more visitors.

Navigating Content

You should aim to make your website more responsive. Before putting images on your website, you should think about your site’s visitors. Some mobile devices have difficulty downloading large images. This can be upsetting to many people who are pressed for time. You do not want frustrated visitors. Your website should have an ample amount of space between the images and links. This will ensure visitors do not accidentally click the wrong button. Visitors get frustrated when they click the wrong link. Backtracking to the previous page takes away valuable reading time.

Clickable Contacts

If the content has any phone numbers or email addresses, you should make sure the information is clickable. If customers cannot click on the information, they may leave your website. Instead of using copy and paste, customers prefer clicking a phone number link.


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