For Lenders

The Best Sites for Free Online Advertising

Aug. 19 2019
Believe it or not, there are plenty of websites where you can do advertising for free. There’s a reason why people have been posting classified ads for so many years. It’s a cost-effective way to get the word out about your product, service, or business listing. But not all free online advertising sites are created […]

Is your company phone number being marked as spam?

Jun. 24 2019
Because our industry involves dealing with customers’ finances, it’s absolutely critical to foster trust with customers.  We want to bring to your attention something that’s been happening with some of our partners: having company phone numbers marked as “Spam.” If you attempt to call a customer, but the number shows up as “Spam” or something similar, the customer likely will not pick up the phone. This can negatively impact conversion rates and it will damage customer trust in your business.

Too Many Cooks?

Jun. 06 2019
At LeadsMarket, we pride ourselves on looking out for our lender-partners. This week we wanted to highlight the importance of limiting the number of “cooks” in your business “kitchen.” It’s true there may be a benefit to outsourcing certain functions of a business–operations, HR, marketing, etc. It’s impossible to do everything oneself. But, by the same token, the more people that are involved in a business process, the greater the risk of unintended consequences.

4 Easy Ways To Optimize Lead Buying

May. 09 2019
We thought it would be prudent to remind you of a few tips on how to optimize your lead buying for now and the rest of the year.

3 Tips For The Slow Season

Apr. 24 2019
This time of year is often considered the “slow season” in the online lending industry. That’s why it’s even more important to take steps that can optimize your performance in the coming months, so you can continue to meet your goals for the year.

How many varieties of lead fraud are there?

Feb. 07 2019
There are countless varieties of lead fraud, including different types of consumer fraud, affiliate/publisher fraud, platform fraud, attorney fraud, etc. With so many different types of fraud–and a never-ending cycle of new fraud being developed–the industry needs providers with the right culture and the right resources to continuously combat fraud. It’s never a “one-and-done” solution.